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How to apply to become a Moderator
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16th Sep 2013

People ask for Moderator quite often, most of them probably shouldn't, but I believe everyone should have a fair chance at obtaining the spot. This is a very comprehensive thread, I recommend you read all of it BEFORE you apply. If you have trouble reading, just click out of this now.

First:  When are mods picked?
The moderator position opens up on an as needed basis. This means, just because you apply, doesn't mean you'll get it instantly, or at all. I do not pick on a first come, first served basis. I am trying to run a nice community, therefore I pick people I feel can help with that. A moderator position can, but will not always, open up in the following scenarios:

  • A Moderator resigns.
  • A Moderator is not active enough to maintain the position.
  • A Moderator goes on a power trip and is removed from his / her position.
  • The server experiences a decent bit of growth and we need more Mods to accommodate that.
What I want from a potential Moderator:

  • Someone unbiased.
  • Someone with decent judgment.
  • Players who treat other players nicely.
  • Players who get over well with the community.
  • Players that can provide knowledge on a subject that other Mods / Admins may not know, that could better the server / community.
  • Players that can cool down / settle disputes in a calm and effective manner.
Keep In Mind:

  • Being a Moderator does mean you'll have to give up some playtime. Moderating the server comes first.
  • Just because you're online a lot, doesn't make you a good candidate.
  • If you've had issues with the rules in the past, how can we expect you to enforce them.
  • Moderators don't have much additional power. They can't spawn items, use god mode, etc.
  • Age is not a factor. I've had 12 year olds act better than 20 year olds.
  • Moderators aren't just staff. They are a part of the Administration team and have a say in what goes on.

  • A complete and accurate application.
  • Maturity!
  • Active user on both the forum and server. (So if you join today, don't expect an application made today to be valid.
How to apply:

  • Copy the application and questionnaire below.
  • Make a reply in the general discussion section on our forums named (your username's mod application,  paste in the app / questionnaire and answer all of the questions truthfully and completely.
  • Make sure to have the questions AND your answer in your post!
  • Wait.


  • Ask me about the status of your application. This could very well void it.
  • Bug me about your application.
  • Post your application more than once. Once it is here, it's here. If you need to, use the edit button.
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

General Information
The following section will ask you for some general information on yourself. All of this is kept private, for the Admin viewing purposes only. Please will out everything accurately and completely.

Minecraft Username *
Forum Username *If you don't have one, create one on our website.
Age *
How long have you been a member of the community? *
All of the following questions need to be answered completely. Try to use decent grammar / spelling, and make them as detailed as you possibly can.

How would you describe the position of 'Moderator'? *
Have you ever been a Moderator on another server before? *If I talked to the Admin of that other server, do you think they would say positive things about your job performance?
As a Moderator, how do you think you could better the server? *
In your opinion, what would make you stand out above the other applicants? *
How would you describe your interaction with the community thus far, do you think that the rest of the community would have positive things to say about you? *
Have you ever had any issues with the staff / players / rules of ZanityKingdom? *
What do you feel is the most important characteristic in a Moderator? *
How often are you online? *

  •  Less than one hour a day
  •  1-3 Hours a day
  •  3 or more hours a day
  •  Once a week
  •  Less than once a week

Situation Based Questions
The following questions have no right or wrong answers. The questions below are used to test your judgement. The situations represented below may not play out exactly as listed if you were actually a Moderator, answer these questions to the best of your ability.

A player spams the chat. Continuously. Despite you telling him to stop numerous times, he continues. What would you do? *

  •  Mute the player.
  •  Kick the player.
  •  Ban the player.
  •  Let the player continue.

There is a major land dispute. Player1 says Player2 they hacked, you are now in the midst of a hacking conflict. What do you do? *Both players claim they didn't hack.
How would you define 'Advertising' of another server? How would you go about punishing the user that advertises? *
A player really isn't having the best of days. A player that we all know has followed the rules previously. Every tiny little thing begins to piss him off, what would you do here? *

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Joined: 15th Sep 2013
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16th Sep 2013

Remember, you are NOT to post your application in these comments. You are to post them in General Discussion. If you have trouble (baseballkid) send it to me VIA skype.

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